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Adding New Terrain To TS... *internal error*FinalMoon18:03 16-07-2003

Ok, I've now tried everything... My new road turns work in FinalSun but in TS they cause the game to have an internal error on the loading screen...

There's only 4 of them... they're named proadturn01.tem, proadturn02.tem, proadturn03.tem, and proadturn04.tem... they're all located in expand03.mix (which is where the guide told me to put them, but I also tried ecache04.mix and that didn't work either) and they're temperate ONLY.

This is the entry I put in temperat.ini:

; Paved road turns.
SetName = Paved Road Turns
FileName = Proadturn
TilesInSet = 4
LowRadarColor = 92,92,92
HighRadarColor = 92,92,92
RequiredForRMG = true

Also I put this line at the bottom of the [General] section in temperat.ini:

RoadTurns = 87

I haven't done anything else to any of the ini's... nothing to snow.ini or anything.... The road turns appear to work in FinalSun, I can see them and place them etc. but in TS it causes the game to fault on the loading screen... I never even get into the map. And, of course, it only does this on maps that contain road turns so I'm assuming they're the cause :rolleyes:...

If anyone has any ideas why this isn't working, please help... I can send you the road turns if you wish... so you can see if the bug is actually in the .tem files... but I'm afraid they're exclusive to TSR so you won't be able to put them in your mod or up for download anywhere...

Thanks for your time.

Re: Adding New Terrain To TS... *internal error*Blade21:19 16-07-20033
    Re: Adding New Terrain To TS... *internal error*FinalMoon16:36 17-07-2003
        Re: Adding New Terrain To TS... *internal error*FinalMoon17:34 17-07-2003

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