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XCC Game Spy 1.05Olaf van der Spek20:24 09-11-2003
Re: XCC Game Spy 1.05Mooff21:23 07-04-2004
Re: XCC Game Spy 1.05Olaf van der Spek23:12 07-04-2004
Re: XCC Game Spy 1.05Mooff12:54 08-04-2004

> Can't you spot them with the normal replayer of GR/ZH?

We do have 2 major things right now where we possibly could spot a cheater.
First one if a Tank is locked on another tank in shadow (you can see it because it's barrel is turning towards the enemy tank). But they now found out a way to nulify this proof by telling they send the unit on guard mode in this area which does lock exactly the same and we can't tell anymore what he did therefore don't have a proof if he really hacked there or not...

Second one is a mismatch which occures when a lotus is capturing a building which she can't see right now. But again the Generals/ZH replay tool doesn't show who caused the mismatch and what building a lotus was trying to take not even which command anyone gave to this lotus. So we can't proof cheating here aswell.

The only ways to spot a cheater right now are if he's dump enough to force fire on a stealth unit he can't see.

Despite this we only have suspicous movements. Like defending the flank right when the enemy does attack, but this could be luck...

In contrast to what we did have in Ra2 to spot them we have nothing in Generals.

Thx for the fast answer towards the last post. :)


And there are rumors about a control hack which possible let's you control the enemy superweapons (fire them at his mate or at a place where they won't do any damage). Can't proove this one aswell, but i didn't came across it yet.

Re: XCC Game Spy 1.05Olaf van der Spek15:05 08-04-20042
    Re: XCC Game Spy 1.05Mooff17:45 08-04-2004

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