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XCC Mixer 1.24Olaf van der Spek19:40 24-02-2003
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Re: XCC Mixer 1.24RadioactiveKangaroo13:22 19-06-2004
Re: XCC Mixer 1.24Banshee.04:48 22-06-2004

> My Computer doesnt seem compatible, It doesnt appear to work with Windows XP at all.

It seems to be a problem with pointer that should be very hard to detect. The symptoms are the same that I had when I released the first beta of the SHP Builder 3 (fortunatelly it's fixed the latest beta here :)). Mainly, the programmer, either forget to set a pointer to NULL on creation and compare it or compares a property of a structure with NULL value. That leads to lots of annoying random access violations or crashes. In my computer, I still have access violations with XCC Mixer 1.27 (using Win98Se) when I access certain dirs (although these dirs may work sometimes in the first access, but fails on the second or third...). It used to be more instable when I had multiples XCC Mixer copies (old versions) with global mix cache.dat (or whatever is the name of the file) in my computer. Btw, update your XCC Mixer, since from 1.25, Olaf added an option that, when you press shift, it skips some of the loading process, avoiding loading problems... OR... go to Kravvitz site to download the XCC Mixer 1.21, which is quite stable in most of machines in the following link:

Just remember that 1.21 doesnt support Generals.

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