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XCC Mixer 1.24Olaf van der Spek19:40 24-02-2003
Re: XCC Mixer 1.24Mooff00:20 01-03-2003
Re: XCC Mixer 1.24Olaf van der Spek00:24 01-03-2003

> I'm trying to change the ingame speeches in C&C Generals from German into English.

> I have a the SpeechEnglish.big and the SpeechGerman.big

> now i can open the big files with your xcc mixer and see the wav files in them.
> In the English they are named /Data/Audio/English/XXXX.wav

> i can override the German Voices in my Game by creating a Directory /Data/Audio/German and copy the wav files from the Englisch speech.big into it.

> Now my question is: Is there any way, to copy all these files at once into this directory?

Yes. Read Guide: Adding an icon to learn about the output dir. Then use copy instead of extract.

> the files are named /Data/Audio/English/xxxx.wav, so i have to delete the subdirectories in front of the real wav name to get them extracted into the right directory.

> I dislike to do it for everyone of these 100 files :|

> If this isn't possible is their any way to create a new Big file and selecting all the wavs in the English Speech.dat and changing there name from /Data/Audio/Englisch/xxx.wav into /Data/Audio/German/xxx.wav?

> Thx in advance for your help

> Mooff

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