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Renegade jerksViPr18:00 01-07-2002

it's unbelievable what assholes some people can be. there are people playing Renegade that wait until you get out of your vehicle to repair it and then they steal it and drive if off a cliff so it lands upside down and blows up. there are also assholes that shoot at your vehicle when you get out so that it gets damaged or they ram your vehicle against a wall and don't let you go or they park in the refinery's docking port, blocking the harvester from connecting to it and all this they do to you when they are on your team! how do you friggin kick people out in this game? nobody seemed to be able to do anything. we get so preoccupied figuring out how to get rid of an asshole that we lose the match. what a stupid game. it could be one of the best games if they spent five more minutes with the code.

Re: Renegade jerksOlaf van der Spek00:32 02-07-200212
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Re: Renegade jerksAlon22:10 06-07-20028
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