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[Digest] calculating, duhDaniel09:24 02-08-2002

Anyone knows the algo that [Digest] section in the maps is calculated? If there is any difference between the games, I'd like to know the algo for Red Alert 1. Nurple maps won't work on 4PLayer server and they are always resent. [Digest] is a checksum for the map that is generated by ra map editor, but many maps contain structures/units and something like ore value which changes the checksum and makes RA crash with old digest.

Any ideas, please contact me.

msn: TByte_MSN@ntlworld.com

Re: [Digest] calculating, duhGotrek04:53 05-08-20022
    Re: [Digest] calculating, duhBlade05:23 06-08-2002
Re: [Digest] calculating, duhOlaf van der Spek18:13 06-08-2002

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