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SHP viewer doesn't work!Nyerguds02:28 29-08-2002
Re: SHP viewer doesn't work!Gotrek06:29 30-08-2002

> I wanted to view RA1 SHP animations in XCC, but the SHP viewer simply didn't start. I did see the frames in the right part of the XCC window, but it didn't open a SHP viewer window (see ) to play the animation.
> I'm running Win 98. Does that make a difference? Or does it simply not work with RA1 SHPs?

To the best of my knowledge, (and I've used XCC Mixer quite often) there is no way in XCC to view the shp files actually animating. When Olaf says there is an shp viewer, he is referring to the panel on the right showing the shp frame-by-frame.

Re: SHP viewer doesn't work!Nyerguds07:26 30-08-20023
    Re: SHP viewer doesn't work!Gotrek06:40 01-09-2002
        Re: SHP viewer doesn't work!Nyerguds07:14 01-09-2002

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