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SHP viewer doesn't work!Nyerguds02:28 29-08-2002
Re: SHP viewer doesn't work!Gotrek06:29 30-08-2002
Re: SHP viewer doesn't work!Nyerguds07:26 30-08-2002
Re: SHP viewer doesn't work!Gotrek06:40 01-09-2002

> I've seen it work with TS SHPs. Just look at the picture; you should get that when you double-click on a SHP file:

You are quite right, of course.
Clearly, I haven't fully explored the new features Olaf has been adding in the last few updates!
Well, now that I know of this feature myself, I have tried it with RA1 shps, and they don't work for me either. So it isn't a problem with the prog on your PC. Only Olaf can say why it doesn't work for RA1 shps, and he doesn't seem to be around at the moment.

Re: SHP viewer doesn't work!Nyerguds07:14 01-09-2002

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