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SHP viewer doesn't work!Nyerguds02:28 29-08-2002
Re: SHP viewer doesn't work!Gotrek06:29 30-08-2002
Re: SHP viewer doesn't work!Nyerguds07:26 30-08-2002
Re: SHP viewer doesn't work!Gotrek06:40 01-09-2002
Re: SHP viewer doesn't work!Nyerguds07:14 01-09-2002

> > I've seen it work with TS SHPs. Just look at the picture; you should get that when you double-click on a SHP file:
> >

> Apologies.
> You are quite right, of course.
> Clearly, I haven't fully explored the new features Olaf has been adding in the last few updates!
> Well, now that I know of this feature myself, I have tried it with RA1 shps, and they don't work for me either. So it isn't a problem with the prog on your PC. Only Olaf can say why it doesn't work for RA1 shps, and he doesn't seem to be around at the moment.

Well... thanks anyway.

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