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Adding sounds from TSmeselfs14:24 29-09-2002
Re: Adding sounds from TSOlaf van der Spek20:47 29-09-2002
Re: Adding sounds from TSmeselfs03:20 30-09-2002

> Did you edit sound.ini?

When I did my first post,I was in a hurry,so know i'll go into details:yes,i did edit sound.ini.I added the proper entries and indexed them under SoundList :


FShift= -10 10

As for where i got the sounds from,i used the xcc mixer to extract them from TibSun.mix-Sound.mix.I selected the files,right-clicked on them,selected 'Copy as .WAV',then selected PCM (the other option was ghosted).I added everything to the Mod creator, sound.ini under 'INI' and the .wav sounds to 'Sounds'.

I run my mod and get absolutely no sound from the new files.

I think that the problem may be in the format.If so,what format is it,and how can change it?

Re: Adding sounds from TSOlaf van der Spek17:38 30-09-20023
    Re: Adding sounds from TSmeselfs08:05 01-10-2002
        Re: Adding sounds from TSOlaf van der Spek22:07 01-10-2002

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