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Adding sounds from TSmeselfs14:24 29-09-2002
Re: Adding sounds from TSOlaf van der Spek20:47 29-09-2002
Re: Adding sounds from TSmeselfs03:20 30-09-2002
Re: Adding sounds from TSOlaf van der Spek17:38 30-09-2002

> > Did you edit sound.ini?

> When I did my first post,I was in a hurry,so know i'll go into details:yes,i did edit sound.ini.I added the proper entries and indexed them under SoundList :

> [SoundList]
> 535=TSSilencer

> [TSSilencer]
> Sounds=silencer2
> FShift= -10 10
> Control=random
> VShift=10
> Volume=100

> As for where i got the sounds from,i used the xcc mixer to extract them from TibSun.mix-Sound.mix.I selected the files,right-clicked on them,selected 'Copy as .WAV',then selected PCM (the other option was ghosted).I added everything to the Mod creator, sound.ini under 'INI' and the .wav sounds to 'Sounds'.

> I run my mod and get absolutely no sound from the new files.

> I think that the problem may be in the format.If so,what format is it,and how can change it?

16-bit mono
Run XCC Mixer while the game andmod are running and launch XCC Sound Editor. Find your sound and try to play it. If that works it's probably an INI problem.

Re: Adding sounds from TSmeselfs08:05 01-10-20022
    Re: Adding sounds from TSOlaf van der Spek22:07 01-10-2002

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