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MF 1.02Olaf van der Spek00:38 27-11-2002
MF 1.02 and then some...Prokopis11:10 27-11-2002
Re: MF 1.02 and then some...Olaf van der Spek21:30 27-11-2002
RA1 audioProkopis07:04 28-11-2002

Hey Olaf!
Like I told you, I've been trying to extract the old soundtracks from RA1, but the problem is I don't have the CDs; my bro does, so I'm kinda doing this the hard way. Anyways, he got the XCC mixer 1.21 and run a search for scores.mix, but he didn't find it. There is however a aud.mix in the TEN subdir, which is only 1 meg, so that couldn't be it. Now there's only 1 mix file in the whole CD, namely main.mix about 440megs in size. There is a problem however: when he tried to open it, he told me he was getting some 16bit stuff and he couldn't see any files in that mix. He said that everything was in "hexadecimal form" if I remember correctly. I even asked him to download the XCC Mix Editor Utility incase Mixer isn't configured for the old mix files, but that got him the same hex results. Could you plz tell me how to go on about getting the files (which if I'm correctly informed - cause I don't remember - are in the .AUD file format)? I made him try changing the format in the XCC Mixer's options (View->Game->Red Alert), but frankly I don't know what that does, so I'm not sure whether that was a move in the right direction.
I'd appreciate any help.
Sorry to be keeping this up here. Maybe this should be taken elsewhere from now on, so that other people trying to get informed about the new MF won't be annoyed by this. If so, plz try contacting me through BA.org, or tell me if you'd like me use e-mails.

Thx in advance,

Re: RA1 audioOlaf van der Spek00:54 29-11-2002
Re: RA1 audioOlaf van der Spek02:42 03-12-200213
    BA.org URLProkopis10:46 04-12-2002
    thememd.iniProkopis11:27 08-12-2002
        Re: thememd.iniOlaf van der Spek20:12 08-12-2002
            My thememd.iniProkopis10:32 09-12-2002
                Re: My thememd.iniOlaf van der Spek18:22 09-12-2002
                    Writing themes for RA2Prokopis09:53 10-12-2002
                        Re: Writing themes for RA2Olaf van der Spek17:34 10-12-2002
                            CSF?Prokopis12:45 11-12-2002
                                Re: CSF?Olaf van der Spek18:28 11-12-2002
                                    All done!Prokopis08:53 14-12-2002
                                        Re: All done!Olaf van der Spek20:01 14-12-2002
                                            Re: All done!Prokopis10:00 16-12-2002

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