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MF 1.02Olaf van der Spek00:38 27-11-2002
MF 1.02 and then some...Prokopis11:10 27-11-2002
Re: MF 1.02 and then some...Olaf van der Spek21:30 27-11-2002
RA1 audioProkopis07:04 28-11-2002
Re: RA1 audioOlaf van der Spek02:42 03-12-2002
thememd.iniProkopis11:27 08-12-2002
Re: thememd.iniOlaf van der Spek20:12 08-12-2002
My thememd.iniProkopis10:32 09-12-2002
Re: My thememd.iniOlaf van der Spek18:22 09-12-2002
Writing themes for RA2Prokopis09:53 10-12-2002
Re: Writing themes for RA2Olaf van der Spek17:34 10-12-2002

> Yes I used the theme writer from the start, but I think there are limitations to what you can name a song. I also tried to simply rename the wav files to what I'd like them to be displayed as, but since that usually exceeds the 8.3 format, the writer retured to the theme file their ******~1.wav format, not only in the 'Sound' value, but in 'Name' too. Anyways I might need some help on this. Are you sure that using Winamp and your plug-in you can insert themes to the ini file with any title you want? If so, could you try adding some fake wavs that you rename to longer than 8 chars and see what extra attributes it adds to thememd?

Yes, I'm quite sure that works. The real name is not added to the INI but to the CSF.

CSF?Prokopis12:45 11-12-20025
    Re: CSF?Olaf van der Spek18:28 11-12-2002
        All done!Prokopis08:53 14-12-2002
            Re: All done!Olaf van der Spek20:01 14-12-2002
                Re: All done!Prokopis10:00 16-12-2002

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