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MF 1.02Olaf van der Spek00:38 27-11-2002
MF 1.02 and then some...Prokopis11:10 27-11-2002
Re: MF 1.02 and then some...Olaf van der Spek21:30 27-11-2002
RA1 audioProkopis07:04 28-11-2002
Re: RA1 audioOlaf van der Spek02:42 03-12-2002
thememd.iniProkopis11:27 08-12-2002
Re: thememd.iniOlaf van der Spek20:12 08-12-2002
My thememd.iniProkopis10:32 09-12-2002
Re: My thememd.iniOlaf van der Spek18:22 09-12-2002
Writing themes for RA2Prokopis09:53 10-12-2002
Re: Writing themes for RA2Olaf van der Spek17:34 10-12-2002
CSF?Prokopis12:45 11-12-2002
Re: CSF?Olaf van der Spek18:28 11-12-2002
All done!Prokopis08:53 14-12-2002
Re: All done!Olaf van der Spek20:01 14-12-2002
Re: All done!Prokopis10:00 16-12-2002

I don't understand your Q. Which ini of mine? And when did I say anything about ini files' attributes being problematic?

BTW I just saw the first samples of your Laundry service. Good job! Maybe if you find the time, you could try n' find a way to deal with the chat channels' spammers (cheat sites advertisers) and/or their bots. (Op status on a bot account?).

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