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bla bla blaGraeme Thorp22:14 28-12-2002

ok ppls

web site :
Forum :

i have realced ini help docs beta 1.0 these will hopefully give u a little understanding about *.big and a little about teh one ini file.

NOTE these are not the ini files. But simply a guide.
i will releace more later

Re: bla bla blaOlaf van der Spek23:00 28-12-20023
    Re: bla bla blaGraeme Thorp23:53 28-12-2002
        Re: bla bla blaOlaf van der Spek23:56 28-12-2002
Re: bla bla blameselfs02:45 30-12-20023
    Re: bla bla blaGraeme Thorp04:59 30-12-2002
        Re: [Pretend a Proper Subject is Here]meselfs07:08 30-12-2002

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