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bla bla blaGraeme Thorp22:14 28-12-2002
Re: bla bla blameselfs02:45 30-12-2002
Re: bla bla blaGraeme Thorp04:59 30-12-2002

> Congradulations, Graeme.

> NOt bad for such a young web site.

> THeres only one problem: couldn't you have used a more modest forum? I hate it when i have to REGISTER and to SUBMIT my email adress. Had a very bad experience once and its stuk in my mind...

> If you didn't mess this Id post this congradulations message at YOUR forum

> You can download Olaf's forum if you wish (clik on Downloads:Third Party).

> And yes, improper subject.
ok thanks i will check it out.
once again it seems that i have mucked up again.
u ppl dont seem tot like the forum then it goes down....
i will check out his.

once again i will say sorry for the improper subject.... it wont happen again.

Please stop being pissed off at me now.

Re: [Pretend a Proper Subject is Here]meselfs07:08 30-12-2002

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