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bla bla blaGraeme Thorp22:14 28-12-2002
Re: bla bla blameselfs02:45 30-12-2002

Congradulations, Graeme.

NOt bad for such a young web site.

THeres only one problem: couldn't you have used a more modest forum? I hate it when i have to REGISTER and to SUBMIT my email adress. Had a very bad experience once and its stuk in my mind...

If you didn't mess this Id post this congradulations message at YOUR forum

You can download Olaf's forum if you wish (clik on Downloads:Third Party).

And yes, improper subject.

Re: bla bla blaGraeme Thorp04:59 30-12-20022
    Re: [Pretend a Proper Subject is Here]meselfs07:08 30-12-2002

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