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voxel editor requestViPr16:49 07-03-2003

someone asked me to change 3ds2vxl so that it shifts vehicles up so that the zmin of the base is -1 because it is too tedious to do it manually. however i looked at several of Westwood's voxels and they have all different zmins so i decided not to implement this change but i think we can help to make things easier for people by implementing this feature in the voxel editor; shift the zmins and zmaxs of all the parts so that the bottom of the base is a certain value that the artist picks, or modify the hva to do the same thing or however else it can be done. can someone add this?

i cannot add this feature to 3ds2vxl because i don't know how to modify Olaf's 3ds2vxl front end. his front end appears to be more complicated than 3ds2vxl itself.

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