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QM Problemrussella18:44 13-05-2003

I have been using the latest version of MF to play games no problem. Then today, it gives me a match, loads and displays the opening screen but locks up with the money count on 143 and the mcv just sitting there.

after a short while it shows the "couldn't connect to other player" screen at which point I quit or let the timer countdown to 0.

I.E. it dosnt let me play the game.

I have uninstalled RA2 and reinstalled, reinstalled MF 1.07 from XCC link, etc etc

What is the problem? BTW I can play RA2 without using MF in the normal (full of cheaters) way

Eny1 got eny ideas?

Re: QM Problemmeselfs19:52 13-05-2003
Re: QM Problemmeselfs21:24 13-05-20034
    Re: QM Problemrussella11:00 14-05-2003
        Re: QM ProblemOlaf van der Spek11:11 14-05-2003
            Re: QM Problemmeselfs17:29 14-05-2003

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