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QM Problemrussella18:44 13-05-2003
Re: QM Problemmeselfs21:24 13-05-2003
Re: QM Problemrussella11:00 14-05-2003
Re: QM ProblemOlaf van der Spek11:11 14-05-2003

> > Forgot to ask, did you delete the hosts file?

> What is the hosts file, what does it do , where do I find it and is it safe to delete?

It adds IP addresses to host names.
It's safe to delete it.

> BTW I am a computer noob I have no idea about the workings of a computer, I remember Olaf saying the host file could be found in the windows dir, what is that and how do I look for it, also is the host file a "*".host file or is it named host."*"

It's named hosts (without extension).

> And in answer to your other post yes it happens often

> However, I have just realised that it happens less when I turn my firewall off. Is there a compatibility problem?

But it shouldn't depend on MF.

> PS thanks for the link to the QM resolution fix on meselfs website

Olaf van der Spek

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Re: QM Problemmeselfs17:29 14-05-2003

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