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QM Problemrussella18:44 13-05-2003
Re: QM Problemmeselfs21:24 13-05-2003
Re: QM Problemrussella11:00 14-05-2003
Re: QM ProblemOlaf van der Spek11:11 14-05-2003
Re: QM Problemmeselfs17:29 14-05-2003

In case you have trouble doing this:

1. Click on Start, and click on run

2. Type in explorer

3. Using windows explorer, find the windows folder in your C drive.

4. In the windows folder, there may or may not be a file simply called hosts . There may also be a file called hosts.sam.

5. Delete the one called hosts. It is safe. Tell us if that helps.

meselfs himself!

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