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screwed up gameInvalid06:30 18-06-2003

Im quick matching last night.
Get a game on little big lake
with a guy named abram10. Got
my battle lab up pumping out
mirage tanks for ambush. Droped
some troppers and took out 1 of
his 2 miners LOL. Then Bam reconned..
Ok i say the nOOber can't handle the
thought of a loss, like so many...
So i check Westwood ladder no game
shows. Cool no wash on my record..
Wrong. I check xcl ladder To my surprize
the game is shown as urban rush the stats are
all wrong. Game time is shown as 2 min 8 sec..
How the hell can i build a battle lab in 2 min.
OLAF I've been playing this game for almost 2 years
now, This is a new 1 on me. If a hack can change
all the info of a game, how does strike team handle that?
My nick for game was dsire2kil GID 20545 And to top
it all off the nOOber abram10 got a win. I am so pissed
off. I dont need the points i will get um by playing
other tourney games. But to get reconned and lose the
game really gets under my skin.HELP...

Re: screwed up gameOlaf van der Spek13:53 18-06-20034
    Re: screwed up gameInvalid15:42 18-06-2003
        Re: screwed up gameOlaf van der Spek15:59 18-06-2003
            Re: screwed up gameInvalid16:07 18-06-2003

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