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screwed up gameInvalid06:30 18-06-2003
Re: screwed up gameOlaf van der Spek13:53 18-06-2003
Re: screwed up gameInvalid15:42 18-06-2003

> > Im quick matching last night.
> > Get a game on little big lake
> > with a guy named abram10. Got
> > my battle lab up pumping out
> > mirage tanks for ambush. Droped
> > some troppers and took out 1 of
> > his 2 miners LOL. Then Bam reconned..
> > Ok i say the nOOber can't handle the
> > thought of a loss, like so many...
> > So i check Westwood ladder no game
> > shows. Cool no wash on my record..
> > Wrong. I check xcl ladder To my surprize
> > the game is shown as urban rush the stats are
> > all wrong. Game time is shown as 2 min 8 sec..
> > How the hell can i build a battle lab in 2 min.
> > OLAF I've been playing this game for almost 2 years
> > now, This is a new 1 on me. If a hack can change
> > all the info of a game, how does strike team handle that?
> > My nick for game was dsire2kil GID 20545 And to top
> > it all off the nOOber abram10 got a win. I am so pissed
> > off. I dont need the points i will get um by playing
> > other tourney games. But to get reconned and lose the
> > game really gets under my skin.HELP...

> Do you have a replay or ss from that game?
> I haven't heard about this before.
No I did not. It caught me off guard.I could not get the guy to talk anyway. I hope this does not become the new hack.....In the past I have not been much for ss or replays, allways thought all these programs just slowed
down my game..I might have to revisit this choice. thx
for your reply..happy gameing all?????????

Re: screwed up gameOlaf van der Spek15:59 18-06-20032
    Re: screwed up gameInvalid16:07 18-06-2003

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