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screwed up gameInvalid06:30 18-06-2003
Re: screwed up gameOlaf van der Spek13:53 18-06-2003
Re: screwed up gameInvalid15:42 18-06-2003
Re: screwed up gameOlaf van der Spek15:59 18-06-2003

> > Do you have a replay or ss from that game?
> > I haven't heard about this before.
> No I did not. It caught me off guard.I could not get the guy to talk anyway. I hope this does not become the new hack.....In the past I have not been much for ss or replays, allways thought all these programs just slowed

You don't need extra programs to take ss.

> down my game..I might have to revisit this choice. thx
> for your reply..happy gameing all?????????

Olaf van der Spek

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Re: screwed up gameInvalid16:07 18-06-2003

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