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Voxel Pro'sNoGood09:03 13-01-2002

Well, Ive been reading this board for possibly 4 months. I've made 3 units and MOdded red alert. Comparitively speaking I am probably still a Newbie. I mostly played all of the CnC games and just within the past half year I've gotten into the creation of voxels. I know some of the good guys read this board, well all of them. Its obvious in your units, ok enough flattery. Ive read on the Normals and I understand what they are. I understand there are 2 programs that are reall popular for edition the voxels. I use them both as I see they both have something a little different I like. I mainly use Wills Voxel Editor. Not sure what version. I have a couple questions for the pros that maybe they can explain to me in a way that I would understand. Afterall... this is the only hardcore game community for RA...

When I create a unit, I will make it say.. (Y) 25 voxels wide. Then when I implement it into the game It will be smaller then the ingame voxels that may only be 20 voxels wide. Why is this? For example Godwin's Hummer (which I think is pretty kick arse) is only.. I don't know maybe 22 or so wide, and I've made a unit that was 26 or 7 and it is more narrow then the hummer in the game. Why is this. Why is the unit a miniture is there a scale? Also what is the dummy header?

Next, Normals. I've used all the autonormaling functions and they seem to do an Ok job. They are just never as good as some of the other voxels out there. What do the veterans use, if I may ask?

Greatly appreciated, even if I get no advice Its cool. I understand how it is to have people asking questions.


Re: Voxel Pro'sVPR09:49 13-01-2002
Re: Voxel Pro'sNoGood10:48 13-01-200211
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Still cant get normalsNoGood13:01 13-01-2002
Re: Voxel Pro'shaydn00:35 14-01-20027
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Re: Voxel Pro'swill18:10 14-01-2002

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