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this is ridiculousViPr21:13 15-01-2002

i just read that 3dsmax only runs in Windows 2000 and XP professional and i heard my program doesn't run in those OS. what the hell? why didn't anyone tell me?

btw i saw in the store a 1.5 GHZ computer with Windows XP and it was so crap. when i played a game the frame rate was so bad i couldn't shoot anything. i swear it was like 1 frame per second. it was ok on some other day i tried it. and then when i tested the screensaver it was doing weird things i never saw before. it was running smooth like for a second and then paused for like 2 seconds and then went smooth again for a 1 second and then paused again for 2 seconds etc. has anyone noticed bad things with XP? i made sure only one program was running at a time.

flyby why don't you answer me about LT. Zack? how can you tell me he will have the full list soon and then i hear nothing from you or him about it?

i'm gonna go take a course here on c++ so i can finally break the glass ceiling with my programming. then i will be unstoppable. apparently here it doesn't cost the price of a damn computer to take a programming course. i'll be able to get VC++ 6 at a reasonable price and they should be able to give me a disk with the stuff already downloaded that will enable my program to have inputs and outputs other than text and file data, coz i'm using a modem so i can't download that crap. it's so annoying!!!

i'll be able to implement procedurals finally that you can edit. hours of fun for the whole family. i couldn't find any code on how to do procedurals but i think i know how to do it and i'll make it easy for people hopefully. i was messing around with animating procedurals. it looks so cool.

i wonder how geforce3 and radeon can handle procedurals. i guess they would have to keep loading different ones many times per picture since those cards can hold only a little bit of custom code. barely enough for one procedural.

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