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Blacklistafireruls03:34 04-03-2002
Re: BlacklistOlaf van der Spek15:58 04-03-2002
Re: BlacklistLordGeo20:00 08-03-2002

> > Someone get kicked by xwif becuz of blacklist.
> > But were can I find THAT blacklist??
> > I want to know wich names are on the blacklist of xwif

> In the Anti Cheat Center.

It came to my attention that you are maintaining a blacklist. Surprisingly, I saw my clan {FD-NL] is on your blacklist.
Sometimes cheaters are joining our clan, but they are kicked as soon as we discover them ourselves or when they are brought to our attention.

Individual players stay the same, so I do understand they could stay on your list for a long time.
Clans, however, do have regular changes in their squadlists, so a cheater that is in our clan today is surely removed somewhere 'tomorrow'.

As you know for yourself, cheating is absolutely NOT promoted nor allowed in our clan!

Could you explain why we are on the list ?

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