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Blacklistafireruls03:34 04-03-2002
Re: BlacklistOlaf van der Spek15:58 04-03-2002
Re: BlacklistLordGeo20:00 08-03-2002
Re: BlacklistOlaf van der Spek21:14 08-03-2002

> > > Someone get kicked by xwif becuz of blacklist.
> > > But were can I find THAT blacklist??
> > > I want to know wich names are on the blacklist of xwif

> > In the Anti Cheat Center.

> It came to my attention that you are maintaining a blacklist. Surprisingly, I saw my clan {FD-NL] is on your blacklist.
> Sometimes cheaters are joining our clan, but they are kicked as soon as we discover them ourselves or when they are brought to our attention.

> Individual players stay the same, so I do understand they could stay on your list for a long time.
> Clans, however, do have regular changes in their squadlists, so a cheater that is in our clan today is surely removed somewhere 'tomorrow'.

> As you know for yourself, cheating is absolutely NOT promoted nor allowed in our clan!

> Could you explain why we are on the list ?

It's because corineke used a map revealer. IIRC he's a member of your clan as arenzzie.

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