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Blacklistafireruls03:34 04-03-2002
Re: BlacklistOlaf van der Spek15:58 04-03-2002
Re: BlacklistLordGeo20:00 08-03-2002
Re: BlacklistOlaf van der Spek21:14 08-03-2002
Re: BlacklistLordGeo22:20 08-03-2002
Re: BlacklistDevils advocate23:50 08-03-2002
Re: BlacklistOlaf van der Spek00:00 09-03-2002
Re: BlacklistLordGeo00:52 09-03-2002

> > > I expect our name being removed from the list asap.

> > please?

> Done.

Thanks for removing us from the list.

But please consider the following when you are about to add a clan to your list in the future:
- send a msg to the founders first (a lot of clans have an email-address in their squadlist), let them take the proper actions and report back;
- when no reaction in a few days, add them to the list.

This will prevent clans unneccessary being indicated as a 'cheatersclan'.

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