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Blacklistafireruls03:34 04-03-2002
Re: BlacklistOlaf van der Spek15:58 04-03-2002
Re: BlacklistLordGeo20:00 08-03-2002
Re: BlacklistOlaf van der Spek21:14 08-03-2002
Re: BlacklistLordGeo22:20 08-03-2002

> > > > Someone get kicked by xwif becuz of blacklist.
> > > > But were can I find THAT blacklist??
> > > > I want to know wich names are on the blacklist of xwif

> > > In the Anti Cheat Center.

> > It came to my attention that you are maintaining a blacklist. Surprisingly, I saw my clan {FD-NL] is on your blacklist.
> > Sometimes cheaters are joining our clan, but they are kicked as soon as we discover them ourselves or when they are brought to our attention.

> > Individual players stay the same, so I do understand they could stay on your list for a long time.
> > Clans, however, do have regular changes in their squadlists, so a cheater that is in our clan today is surely removed somewhere 'tomorrow'.

> > As you know for yourself, cheating is absolutely NOT promoted nor allowed in our clan!

> > Could you explain why we are on the list ?

> It's because corineke used a map revealer. IIRC he's a member of your clan as arenzzie.

Arenzzie was kicked just before the last reset, because he was reported to us, by DevRV, of frequently washing/reconning TOUR-games. After digging into his stats, I saw too many out-of-sync washgames, all when Arenzzie was about loosing the game. So I kicked him from the clan.
This is his 'goodbye' msg he posted on our members forum:

Sub: i say goodbye Posted: 3/2/02 1:53:02 pm
to bad dat jullie deze keuze gemaakt hebben. Maar ik heb het wel verdiend.
Daarom zeg ik maar vaarwel, goodbye m8's.

Greetz Arenzzie
Posts: 14 | IP:

Before you add clans to Xwif, it would be more fair to send a copy of possible problems to the clanfounder first (you know very well who we are...), so we could take proper action.

Now, our complete clan has a very bad disavantage of not being able to play clans, that have Xwif installed. I was told that we are being kicked out of games by Xwif, a program that is not even a part of the official RA/2 package.
Furthermore, you are referencing to the name Arenzzie, that is not even in your cheaterslist !!

I would certainly like to know the reason for putting us as a CLAN on your list, because there were NO CLAN GAMES involved in the games Arenzzie played (unfortunately he did wear our clan-tag in his name).

Because of the scoring system we maintain on our website I am able to look up every tour and clan game played since the foundation of FD-NL in 1999, so I you do have clangames, just give me the date en gamelog-name, so I can look it up.

I certainly hope that, from now on, you only put names of cheaters on your list that you have prove of.
Rightnow your program has the possiblity of improperly influence the tournaments at Westwood's.

I expect our name being removed from the list asap.

Re: BlacklistDevils advocate23:50 08-03-20023
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