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progress check againViPr12:42 21-03-2002
Re: progress check againflyby17:52 21-03-2002
Re: progress check againViPr03:42 22-03-2002
Re: progress check againAlon08:19 26-03-2002
Re: progress check againViPr18:48 31-03-2002
Re: progress check againKoen van de Sande20:34 31-03-2002
Re: progress check againViPr22:53 31-03-2002
Re: progress check againKoen van de Sande01:40 01-04-2002
Re: progress check againWill21:29 01-04-2002
Re: progress check againOlaf van der Spek01:39 02-04-2002
Re: progress check againWill18:15 02-04-2002

> > My experience is that Delphi is
> > slightly faster than VC++ (but
> > comparable to Borland C++, which
> > uses the same compiler anyway),

> I thought VC++ uses an MS compiler
> and that an Intel compiler was also
> available.

I thought that VC++ used the Intel
compiler, maybe badged Microsoft. But
I could be completely wrong.

I had heard that the Intel compiler
was massively fast compared to other
C++ compilers of the x86 architecture
(as long as you are using a genuine
Intel chip).

But I am really amazed at the speed
of the Borland compiler. And I like
the IDE much more than messing with
message maps and so on.

Re: progress check againMisterNutt02:15 17-04-20026
    Re: progress check againWill16:27 17-04-2002
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    Re: progress check againOlaf van der Spek16:56 17-04-2002
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