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> I think there are object bindings for 3d cards (Java3D?) so you can offload the rendering etc, but I would *guess* that much
> of the math stays in your own Java code

I have J3D, but haven't spent too much time looking at it. It seems very complex. But then, dealing with 3D cards and the like, it probably has to be. Much of the math does indeed seem to stay in your own code, but that's only because, how do they know for sure what you'll be using it for, or for that matter what resolution you'll be running it at, what size window (if any) you'll be using, etc? It's the same with any Frame class - they give you the basics and you work from there, writing your own multi-purpose packages as you go. [Some people do write packages like that, and then post them on the webpage. Good idea. ;) ]

> sounds fun; let us know when it is out

Will do, but I don't know how long it'll be. I've rewritten it about 5 times (every time I write the thing I find a more memory- and time-efficient way of doing it=), and I've been working on the thing for over a year. Every time I get to the "almost done" stage, I end up redoing it. But then, I've been at the "almost done" stage of this last build for quite awhile now, and I've seen nothing that really moves me toward starting over again, so it'll probably be soon (provided I find time to work on it ;) Who can say for sure?

Geez, I do like making my posts lengthy, don't I? >=)

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