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Renegade>TSVlad0622:04 22-05-2002
Re: Renegade>TSOlaf van der Spek22:34 22-05-2002
Re: Renegade>TS[DcM]12:41 23-05-2002
Re: Renegade>TSOlaf van der Spek17:15 23-05-2002

> > No. There's no W3D import plugin.

> but it's allways possible to crack the w3d format and then make a plugins to another 3d file format like .3ds.. but that involve time and programming skills...

Of course.
The W3D format itself is not that hard, but there are lots of different chunks that need to be processed.

Re: Renegade>TSViPr08:25 24-05-20025
    Re: Renegade>TSOlaf van der Spek16:17 24-05-2002
        Re: Renegade>TSViPr17:32 24-05-2002
            Re: Renegade>TSOlaf van der Spek19:37 24-05-2002
                Re: Renegade>TSViPr20:23 24-05-2002

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