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Renegade>TSVlad0622:04 22-05-2002
Re: Renegade>TSOlaf van der Spek22:34 22-05-2002
Re: Renegade>TS[DcM]12:41 23-05-2002
Re: Renegade>TSOlaf van der Spek17:15 23-05-2002
Re: Renegade>TSViPr08:25 24-05-2002
Re: Renegade>TSOlaf van der Spek16:17 24-05-2002
Re: Renegade>TSViPr17:32 24-05-2002
Re: Renegade>TSOlaf van der Spek19:37 24-05-2002
Re: Renegade>TSViPr20:23 24-05-2002

> > > > > > > No. There's no W3D import plugin.

> > > > > > but it's allways possible to crack the w3d format and then make a plugins to another 3d file format like .3ds.. but that involve time and programming skills...

> > > > > Of course.
> > > > > The W3D format itself is not that hard, but there are lots of different chunks that need to be processed.

> > > > is that the renegade model format? who cares that format is boring. i know what model format we should learn. the one from Doom3. will we have to figure it out on our own or will the info be given out?

> > > Learning that format won't help us writing a W3D import plugin.

> > did you see those Doom3 models!? i want them in my program now! finally i'll have something to test-out my program's capabilities.

> No.
> But IIRC ID wanted everything to be editable by standard editors. So that includes the models.

i thought they might only let gmax or 3d studio be used to make models. back when Doom3 was just announced I asked Kenneth Scott if I could borrow his models and he said no so then i asked if i could load his stuff into my program when i get Doom3 and he never answered back. so i don't have a good feeling about it. i really want to be able to load those models in my program so i can finally test my program to see if my logic is right coz it seems hopeless trying to figure out the gaps in the 3ds format info.

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