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Tibsun voxel helpJake04:55 21-07-2002
Re: Tibsun voxel helpTacvek08:01 21-07-2002

> Hey, I have a question regaurding my xcc mixer and mix editor. In the past few days I have been trying to make a mod map for tibsun that has the hidden units (aka 1TNK,2TNK,3TNK,FTNK,MLRS,TRUK,ARTY) and ive found out that im haing a problem getting the game to reconise them. I know the files are in my local.mix because ive looked at them, but the game crashes everytime I try to make one. I have the basic 2.03 version of tibsun. what I did to make it so the units are to the map and not to the regular game itself is I edited the art.ini files in my se2k only. so when I launch se2k that it uses that art ini for editing. Do I need to edit the rules to put them in? Ive tried putting the pcx files of all three 1tnk, 1tnkbarrel, 1tnkturret into my mix file and still it wont make a 1tnk. I would really appreciate it if somebody could tell me what exactly to do because I am having a hard time at this, since im new to xcc. what the entries in my art.ini for 1tnk looks like this....

> [1TNK]
> Voxel=yes
> Remapable=yes
> TurretOffset=-64
> PrimaryFireFLH=40,32,96
> SecondaryFireFLH=-32,80,120
> PBarrelLength=192

> I just cant figure out what to do.
> Thanks,
> Jake
You need to edit The Art.ini for the game. (The art ini file information is not kept in the map)
You also need to do the following if you havent already.
open your map in a text editor and open rules.ini. find the sections for the units you want in rules.ini and copy them. paste them at the end of the map file. close rules.ini w/o saving. For any units that you want the user to be able to build set the tech level to any valid tech level you want. save map. Load in TS.

Hope this helps,

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