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Tibsun voxel helpJake04:55 21-07-2002
Re: Tibsun voxel helpTacvek08:01 21-07-2002
Re: Tibsun voxel helpJake08:05 21-07-2002
Re: Tibsun voxel helpTacvek08:26 21-07-2002


The problem is that the map does not keep the art.ini file information in it. TS needs that information or else it will crash. Se2k does not automaticly change the games art.ini.(or at least i don't thing it does)
to fix it you can do one of 2 things.
#1.change the games art.ini can try adding the art.ini information in the map file.

I'm not sure that the second solution works but i know the 1st does.( Or Should if the art info is correct)

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