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Tibsun voxel helpJake04:55 21-07-2002
Re: Tibsun voxel helpTacvek08:01 21-07-2002
Re: Tibsun voxel helpJake08:05 21-07-2002
Re: Tibsun voxel helpTacvek08:26 21-07-2002
Re: Tibsun voxel helpJake08:31 21-07-2002
Re: Tibsun voxel helpTacvek01:55 22-07-2002

> Heres what im thinking, Im going to edit a new art.ini and put it into my directory. While having a copy of the basic 1 in a seperate folder for backups. If I enter those art files into it will it still let others join my game? or is it just the rules.ini that does that? after im done with that art.ini, im going to make a unit in se2k which'll clone a titan, ill make it walk like ground cehicles, in movement zone destroyer, it'll have the custom image "1TNK". Should the voxel load in a multiplayer game?
That might work but if it does it would cause the other players computer to crash. if you would like you could send me a copy of the map, volexs, and art.ini file and i can work with it on my end. it is har to explain ideas over the internet sometimes. Unfortunatly in the end what you want to do might not be possible (The way you want to do it that is. it Is definatly possible other ways but i don't know about the way your trying to do it.

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