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auto-normaliser 1.3will19:53 13-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Koen van de Sande03:05 14-12-2001

> hi all,

> there is another release of the voxel auto-normaliser available at:


> this one fixes an annoying bug which crashed the older normalisers when dealing with massive voxels, and includes a new feature that removes redundant voxels to optimise your models (but, importantly, doesn't remove all those important ones on the undersides of slopes etc, so this one doesn't cause 'holes' in your models)

Will did you improve the FindInside routine so it doesn't run out of stack anymore with massive voxels? That'd be interesting since it makes my normaliser crash too.
Going to integrate both our routines into VXLSE soon (nobody seems to use mine but that's not a big problem for me).

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