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auto-normaliser 1.3will19:53 13-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Koen van de Sande03:05 14-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3flyby05:28 14-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Koen van de Sande06:19 14-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3haydn09:00 14-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3basic109:28 14-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Koen van de Sande06:33 15-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Blade03:19 16-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Koen van de Sande03:57 16-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Blade01:50 17-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Koen van de Sande03:50 17-12-2001

> > > > > > Keon, I really appreciate all the work you've done. At the risk of sounding over-gracious, I'd say that the whole community owes you (and Will, Olaf, DMZ, Flyby & others) so so much. I am also disheartened when I percieve that newbies and sillies don't appreciate the debt that the community owes to 'do-ers' like you.
> > > > > > I will use you programs.
> > > > > > I am generally proposinf a 'hall of fame' to list all those who are just a cut above the rest in progressing the community, mainly to aid the newbies. It's not something I would have reakoned previously; I know that the real do-ers aren't ego lead, but in real terms, so many people don't realise the gravity of your names....

> > > > > think it's Koen not keon. You spelt it that way a few times in the FAQ at your site. :)

> > > > > I agree with you. hall of fame. there would be a good few on there. those you mentioned, DMZ, eol, etc.

> > > > Would like to add Vladan Bato & Moritz Mertinkat, if it weren't for them... :)

> > > Legends of C&C past. The hall of fame should really be some kind of historical archive stating exactly what each individual did to further the cause of C&C editing.

> > And Matze and Steve Childs (not sure but it's unfair not to mention him).

> Didn't Steve do sun edit? I'm not sure that an ini editing program really contributed that much to the comunity when wordpad does just fine, but thats just my opinion. He did manage to get an incentive to do the voxels put up though didn't he?

Yes he held a contest for decoding the SHP(TS) and Voxels, both won by Olaf. And if you mention me, then you almost have to mention Steve too, because TibEd is 'just a rules editor' too. But I did something on Voxel Section Editor 2 you could say, but not that much ;)

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