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auto-normaliser 1.3will19:53 13-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Koen van de Sande03:05 14-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3flyby05:28 14-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Koen van de Sande06:19 14-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3haydn09:00 14-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3basic109:28 14-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Koen van de Sande06:33 15-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Blade03:19 16-12-2001

> > > Keon, I really appreciate all the work you've done. At the risk of sounding over-gracious, I'd say that the whole community owes you (and Will, Olaf, DMZ, Flyby & others) so so much. I am also disheartened when I percieve that newbies and sillies don't appreciate the debt that the community owes to 'do-ers' like you.
> > > I will use you programs.
> > > I am generally proposinf a 'hall of fame' to list all those who are just a cut above the rest in progressing the community, mainly to aid the newbies. It's not something I would have reakoned previously; I know that the real do-ers aren't ego lead, but in real terms, so many people don't realise the gravity of your names....

> > think it's Koen not keon. You spelt it that way a few times in the FAQ at your site. :)

> > I agree with you. hall of fame. there would be a good few on there. those you mentioned, DMZ, eol, etc.

> Would like to add Vladan Bato & Moritz Mertinkat, if it weren't for them... :)

Legends of C&C past. The hall of fame should really be some kind of historical archive stating exactly what each individual did to further the cause of C&C editing.

Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Koen van de Sande03:57 16-12-20018
    Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Blade01:50 17-12-2001
        Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Koen van de Sande03:50 17-12-2001
            Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Blade06:35 19-12-2001
                Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Godwin17:08 19-12-2001
                    Re: auto-normaliser 1.3flyby17:33 19-12-2001
                        Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Will19:59 19-12-2001
                            Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Blade04:05 20-12-2001

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