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auto-normaliser 1.3will19:53 13-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3Koen van de Sande03:05 14-12-2001
Re: auto-normaliser 1.3flyby05:28 14-12-2001

> Going to integrate both our routines into VXLSE soon (nobody seems to use mine but that's not a big problem for me).

aarrhh, Koen !
This is something I don't like to read...:(

I DID have a look at your program, but unlike you and Will, Iím not a programmer, so I can't make up much from statistical analysis results. I took a more archaic approach by checking RGB values manually of a test slab and existing voxels.
As I see it, we are several people trying to go our own way in solving the same problem.

Myself, I am a bit disappointed in the rather indifferent attitude of "the modding community" but I find the challenge of the RA2 normals much too appealing to let it go.

The important thing of this all, is that it creates an atmosphere of research that drives all of us towards a more or less similar result. A good thing, if you ask me...

And, because you carry on the legacy Will's editor into the new voxel editor II, you'll be the man that has to put it all together. So no effort


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