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Come and seeAlon gives a whole load of s-21:15 10-01-2002

ViPr was pissed off 'bout me not agreeing with him in my last (Ivanish) post so i explained some stuff to him with an e-mail.
But i think now that you should see the e-mail so you know my opinions (and how smart i am) so here it is:

Funny hearing you get all pissed off :)

Will has lost the source of his old editor( Will's voxel editor) so he couldn't continue work on this app: so no bug fixing either: so no "undoing" of the flipping mistake.

Fact is, he made voxel section editor( open sourced this time, so he'll never lose the code) with the hope of getting all of the features in the old editor as a first step, that first step more then stalled a bit so he got tired of reprogramming it all over again so others took over which are still working on it( the didn't even made a 3D viewer yet!)

People's opinion say the old editor is the best and frankly, you can't blame them: the section editor is simply not good enough!
so ppl use it and the section editor they use just for voxel-sectioning( few need this thing)

Now, until you make at least most of the people using the old editor to use either section editor or another one with source code available( by making the the old one's features available) you can't and simply can't work out this problem ViPr i mean, if you change ONLY the section editor( not important who changes it) then you will only make ADDITIONAL confusion then then what i said before( block-by-block uses Will's sys and 3d uses ViPr's) because ppl that use both the old editor and section editor won't know what hit them when their vxl will suddenly rotate 180 in the section editor

So ViPr, trust me when i say it because i do agree with you but as it is now, this way is the BEST way to deal with this situation okay?

And bitch i didn't work much lately on the normals( normals=headace), while i don't go to school OR work, my time splits-up something like this:
playing counter-strike, 3d modelling, playing yuri's revenge, going to bathroom, 3d modelling, playing counter-strike.
You see?
eh bitch?

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