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Dune (1)Gotrek06:53 23-04-2002
Re: Dune (1)Olaf van der Spek15:31 23-04-2002
Re: Dune (1)Gotrek06:50 24-04-2002
Re: Dune (1)Olaf van der Spek15:31 24-04-2002
Re: Dune (1)Gotrek05:48 25-04-2002
Re: Dune (1)Olaf van der Spek19:08 25-04-2002
Re: Dune (1)Gotrek06:20 26-04-2002

> > > > > > Olaf, I was wondering whether you might make XCC able to read the .DAT file for Dune 1? (and I mean Dune 1, the pre-westwood game!)

> > > > > No, probably not. I don't have Dune 1 and I don't have time to decode the file format myself.

> > > > Shame. :(

> > > You could always decode it yourself.

> > Could I? How?

> Learn how to use a hex editor and look at the files. Try to define the format.

Well I have Hex Workshop, and I know basically what hex is, but what exactly am I looking for?
The file (around 400mb, so takes about 5mins to load) begins with what are clearly file names, eg:

=.TABLAT.BIN...............DNCHAR.BIN.......... ....DNCHAR2.BIN......... ....DIALOGUE.HSQ....D... ....COMMAND1.HSQ........p&...COMMAND2.HSQ

And this continues for quite a bit, and then the rest of the data presumably is the actual file info that the names refer to, in a massive chunk going right the way to the end of the document.
You probably know this anyway without even looking at the file, but I thought I'd show you anyway.

This .dat file contains ALL game files, which don't appear to be extracted onto the HD when the game is running.

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