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my impression of RenegadeViPr07:06 27-04-2002

ok so they claim that they used lots of physics. ok where is inertia when you're on foot? the movement reminds me of wolfenstein. i thought the aiming in the vehicles was completely stupid, then i found out you can make the turret rotate more than about a quarter of the way and can look around with it by just changing one setting in the options. why the hell do they put options in to make the game dumber and not only that, but put them to that setting as the default. anyway once i figured out how to rotate the turret fully it still didn't satisfy me; it feels like a cheat because it's not affected by the vehicles orientation at all; you can spin and weave all you want and do jumps and go up and down ramps but your angle of view will not be affected at all, plus you can see from way above what the vehicle should see. also does anyone else notice that the mouse is laggy like in Max Payne? I mean there seems to be a delay of a split second with the mouse input. it seems i'm not the only one who doesn't know how to program for the hardware in windows. i'm surprised that the Max Payne programmers got it wrong coz I heard they were made from members of Future Crew which was the best demoscene group in the world for a long time. btw speaking of programmers getting these things wrong; X-plane which is said to be the most realistic flight simulator in existence (coz people are using to get pilot's licenses and some people are using it to test aircraft for real-life) doesn't have the keyboard code done properly. it's using the keyboard routines for text entry and not for games. you can tell because when you use the arrow keys to move the external camera it only responds to the last key pressed and right after you press a key it responds slightly and then ignores a while before responding properly. try to hold your finger on a button when typing text on your computer you'll see what i mean; one letter will appear, then a pause before repetitions of the letter. also, the mouse cursor is always on the screen which i have never seen before except when half life screws up and i have to restart it. anyway so this guy who made X-plane has to be ridiculously smart so don't make fun of me for not knowing how to convert my program to windows!!! ! ! Anyway as i was saying about renegade, it's kind of sucky, also it's so laggy coz i can't find servers less than 200 ping and it behaves weird when it's laggy coz everything teleports around the place including you and it gets very disorienting. Also most of the the servers have only 4 or 2 players. what the hell is up with that?! ?!! ?! i was thinking of these massive wars going on. how the hell can it be any fun with 1vs1 or 2vs2.

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