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normals tableViPr19:06 16-10-2002

Legolas sent me a normals table that he edited. i included a normals table with 3ds2vxl so people could try to unscramble the normals themselves by editing the table. however it assumes that that the normals are distributed spherically and that there are 15 longitudes and 16 lattitudes. he said he didn't finish but maybe he made it better but i can't test it but maybe you guys would like to test it and continue on it? Olaf can you have these tables put on your site? also can your program make a test slab from the table. if not i guess i could do it. i did it once and i just remarked the code out. maybe i could activate it again. that would be the best way to test.

btw did anyone see the other post i made where i want to release 3ds2vxl again with turret offset! i need someone to test it. i don't have the game anymore. and i don't know ini editing anyway, not my department.

Re: normals tableOlaf van der Spek20:37 16-10-20024
    Re: normals tableViPr04:44 18-10-2002
        new 3ds2vxl ready with turret offset and test slabs!ViPr09:37 18-10-2002
        Re: normals tableAlon20:30 22-10-2002
Re: normals tableViPr21:09 16-10-20024
    Re: normals tableLegolas16:33 25-10-2002
        Re: normals tableflyby16:59 25-10-2002
            Re: normals tableLegolas17:41 25-10-2002

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