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W Editor Beta 1.0Graeme Thorp02:29 07-12-2002

W Editor Beta 1.0

Well what can this W Editor be ?

well after following westwood for a number of years now. I have realy enjoyed there games
with the exseption of not buying dune 2000 becuse i thought it was not that well done.
but suprizingly i bought teberian sun and the addon. But from dune 2 westwood have always
done a great job with all there games.

The thing that keeps westwoods games alive is 1 thing. The replayability of westwoods
games are huge because olaf and his great XCC programs have made it possible to open
westwoods *.mix files. I dont think westwood wanted this but anyway it worked out in
westwoods favior and the players favior :).

I am a programer (self taught i might add) and i decided one day after seeing Red Edit
u know the program to edit Red Alert by steve childs, i decided to make a program as
sutch, Only problem was that i sucked and well couldnt do anything fancy.

A weak or 2 ago i decided to see how generals was coming along and by the looks it is
going to be another one of those Great games. So it got me thinking again about S2k
and of coarce the TIBed. So i once again attemped to read the rules.ini and make it
possible to edit this file. So after 1 or 2 days the program started to take shape and
i can open the rules.ini and i can change some of the values :).

So all happy with what i have done so far, i have come to one conclusion. Red Edit, TIBed
, S2k, Sunforge and all those programs are out there all do there job very well. But with
the upcoming releace of Generals none of these programs will support editing Generals.

So before i go and i say my program will be able to edit Red Alert2, Red Alert + addon,
and Generals there is one question that has to be asked to the developers of Generals
and that question is.

Q : Does Generals still make use of ini files? By that i mean a Art.ini and a rules.ini?

A : ??

The answer to that question i am guessing is yes. Yes in return is a good thing because
then making a editor for Generals wont be that a danting task as of trying out how to
read the new files that the game uses. I hope the developers rember that there game will
be mutch more popular with a replay value beside Multiplayer.

Now u are saying but u just sead that there as all these other programs out there that do
there job well. Yes that is all true BUT they all have one thing in common, my W Editor
as like <olaf> 's XCC programs will hower be TOTALY FREE. As i think olaf has done most of
the work it is only fare that these programs continue to be free.

With all that sead and the answer to that question being yes, you guys can count on a
helpfull editor to make editing your favriout W game more easy.

If on the other hand the answer to that question is No the development of W Editor will
be abandoned, Untel we see how Generals ticks. The question of if a editor can be made
for generals is that a editor can be made as Generals has to get its information from
some where. I just hope that it is still ini files.

If the question is yes. Here is some info for you about W Editor.
- Will look like Xp.
- Will be made in visual Basic 6.
- Will support editing Red Alert2 + Addon, Generals.
- Will be around 5-6 mb because of ms ocx and dll files needed.
- Will be a helpfull editor as liket eh competation.
- Will also contain a manial edior.

If the question is yes. Here is some thing you can do for W Editor.
- Host my website as well as the program?
- The making of icons and bmps. W Edior will contain a nice GUI.
- Design the banner of W Editor?
- Design the Website of W Editor?

Well having sead all of that i hope this goes down well with the development team as well
with all the great people of the Editing cominity. The perpose of this project is not to
step on any ones toes but to help boath sides of the gaming industry to find more enjoyment
out of their games.

Please leave a comment about what you think about this.
I have posted this on olaf's site as well as Generals. err not gernals got delphi doesnt respond to email so i stillc ant register.

W Editor Programer
Halo (Halo222)

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