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multi-sectioning voxelsViPr03:18 05-09-2002

if i make my program split models into seperate sections like say a base and turret or something with legs, then how do i get all the sections to show up in the game and not just the first section?

Re: multi-sectioning voxelsViPr07:17 06-09-200214
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        Re: multi-sectioning voxelsSweet.Jesus01:02 07-09-2002
            Re: multi-sectioning voxelsOlaf van der Spek01:04 07-09-2002
                Re: multi-sectioning voxelsViPr04:58 07-09-2002
                    Re: multi-sectioning voxelsWill20:29 07-09-2002
                        Re: multi-sectioning voxelsViPr02:23 08-09-2002
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Re: multi-sectioning voxelsViPr02:47 23-09-20029
    Re: multi-sectioning voxelsViPr16:41 24-09-2002
        Re: multi-sectioning voxelsflyby20:26 24-09-2002
            Re: multi-sectioning voxelsViPr05:53 25-09-2002
                Re: multi-sectioning voxelsViPr16:44 25-09-2002
                    Re: multi-sectioning voxelsflyby19:47 25-09-2002
                        Re: multi-sectioning voxelsViPr22:32 26-09-2002
                            Re: multi-sectioning voxelsViPr14:28 27-09-2002
                                Re: multi-sectioning voxelsViPr15:30 28-09-2002

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