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Me again=)Mister Nutt06:37 02-01-2002

Ok, new problem. I have the structures working, and I have successfully added new terrain (thanks everyone=). Now, I've added a structure to function as a helipad, like the Airforce Command HQ. Everything works as well as can be expected, except that when I create the aircraft, you can't see its image because the thing appears to be BEHIND the building itself. It's kind of hard to explain, but maybe (with luck) you already know what I'm talking about. What's interesting is, I also made a turret of sorts: the turret itself is a voxel, with its base an SHP, like the Sentry Gun. Except, when the turret turns to face the player, the barrel (which happens to be the only part of the voxel that ends up supposedly in front of the SHP) slips behind the SHP and you can't see it. Apparently it's the same problem.

BTW, I tried to push the turret down some, and the entire voxel (not just the barrel) ended up behind the SHP.

I've done everything I can think of - even tried manually copying and pasting the GAAIRC (airforce command) rules info into the new structure's rules info. What I got was partial GAAIRC animations pasted over my original SHP. The aircraft were displayed over the GAAIRC animations, as they should have been, but behind (or below, however you want to say it) the new structure's SHP.

If anyone can help, again, please reply. Thanks again for the help thus far.

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